Animation- Newest trend in UI

Pitstop Digital

Animation has become an integral part of user interface design experience across various applications. It is not just about visual appearance; users demand an enjoyable experience when they use a particular application. Applications now have become more playful and funky. Developers have moved away from the traditional concept of developing apps that perform only a certain set of functions; apps now have their own unique personality. New software updates available on smartphones and websites allow the applications to be more interactive and vibrant. The newest update on Android is vibrant with more neon shades and bolder texts. Animating transitions enhances user experience. Using smartphones becomes more enjoyable for users.

Certain websites and applications outperform others. The level of interactivity and innovative design features make a fundamental difference. People are instinctively drawn to colourful designs and movement. Successful applications are more user friendly and help the user navigate efficiently. Movement encouraged…

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